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How long it takes to get activated on Google AdSense?

There is a key difference between standard internet users and the ones which have an intelligent mindset. If you are sharp enough, it would not be difficult for you to earn money using online methods.

Google AdSense is one of the most powerful and effective to enhance your earnings. If you are new to earning money through AdSense, you should know that a complete process has to be completed before you can finally start. One of the important steps is getting the AdSense account activated.

The duration to activate AdSense account is a varying factor

A lot of users do not know that the duration to activate the AdSense account is not fixed.

  • If you talk about the standard time span needed to activate an AdSense account, it ranges between one day and multiple weeks. A lot depends on the time which the user takes to complete his task. The account creator has to complete certain milestones after which the account is activated. If he does not consume a lot of time to complete them, the AdSense account becomes operational in quick time.

AdSense Process and its steps

Google is a reputed name and it does not allow the posting of ads until a complete verification process has been performed. Let us have a look at the steps performed.

  • Once the account has been set up, there is a sign-in for the first time. This is a requirement for activating the account. The user is required to connect the website to AdSense. Along with that, he has to verify the payment details.
  • The next step is examination of the website. Google experts examine the website to get an assurance that there is no violation of policies. For instance, websites promoting scam schemes do not qualify for Google AdSense.
  • After the verification process has been completed, website owners are informed about it. This is a confirmation that website owners can start posting Google Ads on their pages.
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The purpose of an AdSense Calculator

How much can I earn by posting Google ads on my website? People have this question in their minds even before they sign up for the account. A lot of users have the misconception that AdSense earnings remain unchanged for all websites.

This is obviously not true. What you earn depends on several factors. The nature of the website, number of clicks and number of impressions are some parameters which have an impact on the output.

How to go about using the AdSense Calculator?

The Prepostseo AdSense calculator along with other seo tools is a free but powerful tool to determine the earnings you can get through this method. Let us have a glance at the steps involved.

  • There are three input fields which uses have to fill to determine the amount they can earn. These include the page impressions, click through rate and earning per click. A lot of users make mistakes while entering these fields. The tool determines the AdSense Earnings on the basis of the values entered. It is always good to double check the values before you advance.

After entering all the input details, click the appropriate button to calculate the earnings. On the basis of the values entered, the earning sum would be generated. Here is an example to see how this tool produces the results.

Let us suppose that we have the following input values.

  • Page Impressions = 9
  • Click Through Rate (%) = 6
  • Cost Per Click = 25

Based on the values entered above, the following results would be shown to you

  • Daily Earnings = $13.5, number of clicks = 1
  • Monthly Earnings = $405, number of clicks =16
  • Yearly Earnings $4860, number of clicks = 194
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An accurate tool with online user access

There are several plus points of using an online tool. One of them is that a user can start off without installing any applications or downloading files.

These tasks are quite cumbersome for users particularly if they lack abundant technical knowledge. Along with that, online tools can be used easily on more than one device. For instance, if you want to use one of these tools on a smartphone and computer simultaneously, no problem would be faced.

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