How You Can Get Your Phone Back When You Lose it?

find lost phone
find lost phone

Who hasn’t panicked when they can’t find their phone, checking all their drawers, cupboards and every corner of the house to try to locate it. Losing your phone may mean that you’ve simply misplaced it, or it could even mean that your precious device has been stolen. Whatever the issue is, you need to focus on getting your phone back as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the higher the chances you will end up losing it for good.

Fortunately, you will find tons of apps on Android and iOS that help users find their lost phones. They can be real life-savers in the emergency. Unfortunately, these apps are of no use in certain circumstances. So let’s take a look at different things you can try to recover your lost phone.

Call Your Phone

Of course, the first thing that crosses your mind when it comes to finding a lost smartphone is calling the device. The trick works only when your smartphone is not on silent or vibration mode. In fact, most people manage to find their lost phones by calling.

Even if you have forgotten your phone in a cab, Uber or on public transport, chances are the driver or some passenger will answer the call and help you get your phone back. You could ask your friend to call you or use free calling services.

Text your Contact Information

It’s likely no one will hear the vibration or ringtone if you have lost your phone at a public place. If you have searched your home and still can’t find your mobile, then ask your friend to send a text to your number. Basically, this text needs to be your contact details so that if anyone finds your phone, they will be able to contact you.

Tip: You could send a text offering a reward to the person who returns the phone to you. This tip often works. You could even check the latest mobile phone deals and offer a brand-new smartphone to the person who returns your phone.

Talk to Your Service Provider

Most people use a password on their mobiles for security reasons. If that’s the case, then you can’t use the above-mentioned trick to contact anyone. But don’t worry: you still have plenty of options. Start with contacting your mobile service provider.

If your phone is lost and not just misplaced at home, it is extremely important to discontinue services to your smartphone. The last thing you want is to have all your financial and sensitive data stolen. Your service provider will stop services on your phone. These days, some service providers allow GPS tracking and if this option is available you can easily track the location of your phone.

Change Your Passwords

Sure, you might have just misplaced your phone. However, there is a chance your phone is stolen or lost. What if someone gets access to your personal details? It is possible they could login to your bank, emails and other important accounts, and even extract your passwords. If you have used your credit or debit cards and other payment methods on eCommerce stores through your smartphone, then you will need to cancel them as soon as possible.

You can start with the passwords of your bank and social accounts. First of all, do not panic. Reset all your passwords to ensure that no one accesses your confidential information. Identity theft has become a common issue these days so it is critical that you change all your passwords and login details to protect your device, and yourself!

Track Your Phone with Device Manager

For this trick to work, your phone must be turned on and connected to a wireless network. If so, all you need to do is log into your Google account on your laptop or Mac. The Device Manager will track and display the current location of your Android device on the Map screen. This feature comes with some advanced security options, such as erasing your mobile data and ringing your phone to help you locate it. To be able to use this technique you’ll need to make sure your mobile GPS always on.

Use Find My iPhone App

If you have lost an iPhone, you can track its location using the Find My iPhone App. However, this trick only works if you have installed this app on your iPhone. This app is the easiest way to find your lost mobile though it only works as long as your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi or data.

To use this technique you’ll need to sign in to iCloud using your friend’s iPhone or a computer. Open “Find my iPhone App” on the device. As soon as you open this app, the location of your smartphone will be displayed on the map screen.

Bottom Line

Most people don’t pay attention to the phone tracing apps and other security features until they lose their phone. Never wait for someone to bring your phone back to you. Talk to your service provider to erase your important data from the device and change your passwords to protect your sensitive information.


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