Which SEO Techniques Are Popular and Are Worth Using ?


Apart from the foundations of SEO and building them in your own company, more specific SEO strategies appear to bring more results. They obviously generate organic traffic more productively and help users find out everything about your product or service.

Now, this doesn’t mean that things like keyword research and content optimization are redundant. They remain the basics for every team desiring to reach the heights in their spheres. Still, if you want to achieve, even more, we suggest that you take a look at more advanced techniques.

The good news is that it becomes possible with a decent SEO rank tracker such as Spy SERP – a service with a good name and lots of positive feedback from clients.

Discovering the Best SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic:

If you are after continuous growth that becomes a lifestyle, we advise you to consider the following techniques.

1. Analysis of competitors’ pages.

This trick will help you understand what works well on your rival’s website and where they actually take natural traffic. With a rank tracker tool like Spy SERP, you will also get insights into keywords and link building and try to create a picture of successfully completing them in your team.

2. Keyword gap analysis.

This step will allow you to optimize your content strategies by working at the content that already exists and making the best of it plus creating new engaging posts. While the first point is well known for everyone working with services like Spy SERP, generating new content is a more complex process requiring to seek a specific purpose for each content unit. Keyword gap analysis lets you compare your keywords to those of your rivals and, hence, aim for new topics to tackle these gaps.

3. Digital PR to pursue reliable backlinks.

Earning some of the so-called ‘authority backlinks’ is so vital for Google ranking that it even comes into three top ranking factors. These links are, basically, relevant links created by generating new and informative content. Digital PR includes different online tools, eye-catching infographics, and valuable research studies. Things like best free press release sites also come into this category but you are unlikely to do it right without good software. At Spy SERP, you will not only find the best rank tracking tool but also figure out how to write a press release or mention links to the relevant content.

4. Detailed SERP checking.

To improve the rank of your pages in Google, you should know your website’s position and realize how to make it easily searchable. This covers many aspects including getting rid of the mistakes on the website’s mobile version, making the pages available for any region, checking local and global SERPs, and analyzing the reports given by the rank tracker.

These four strategies are a good place to start and develop your web pages’ performance. If you are unsure about what tool to choose for this, you might try Spy SERP with its free 7-day trial or compare it to any other Google keyword rank checker. Choose the one appearing the best rank tracker for your team and use these effective strategies to grow.

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