History of Data Mining

  • The term "Data Mining" was introduced in 1990s. Early techniques of identifying patterns in data include Bayes theorem in 1700s and the evolution of regression - 1800s
  • Data investigation has progressively been improved with indirect, automatic data processing, and other computer science discoveries such as neural networks, clustering, genetic algorithms in 1950s, decision trees in 1960s , supporting vector machines in 1990s.

Data Mining Origins

Classical statistics

  • Statistics are the basis of most technology on which data mining is made , like regression analysis , variance , standard distribution, standard variance, discriminatory analysis, cluster analysis, and confidence intervals.

Artificial Intelligence

  • A Specific AI Concept was adopted by some high-end commercial products, such as query optimization modules for Relational Database Management System(RDBMS).

Machine Learning

  • Machine learning is a combination of AI and statistics. It might be considered as an evolution of AI because it mixes AI heuristics with complex statistical analysis.
  • Machine learning checks to enable computer programs to know about data they are studying so programs make a distinct decision based on the characteristics of the data examined.

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