Creating Script in UiPath

Creating Script in UiPath

  • We are creating a script which will automatically perform the recorded task just by executing the script.

Step 1

  • We need to click on the "Test Automation" option.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 2

  • We need to enter our project's name and click on the "Create" button.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 3

  • After clicking on the "Create" button, a blank project is going to be created. We need to click on the "Recording" then "Basic" from the top panel.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 4

  • After clicking on the "Basic", it'll open a replacement crop up window with various recording tools.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 5

  • We are required to click on the "Record" button.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 6

  • After clicking on the "Record" button, the mouse cursor will become a hand icon, and therefore the entire screen will become blue, highlighting all the objects. We perform manual tasks using recording tools. We’ll be employing a calculator application and record an easy calculation.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 7

  • Once we are finished our task, we need to click on the "Save & Exit" button.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 8

  • The whole process are going to be recorded, and therefore the workflow are going to be shown as a flowchart.
 UiPath Tutorial

Step 9

  • We will run our script using the "Run" button, as shown below:
 UiPath Tutorial

The execution will repeat the whole action performed on the screen. Using this manner, we will simply create a small automation task. UiPath contains many advanced features and templates to assist us automate more complex tasks.

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