UiPath Tutorial | What is Uipath

 UiPath Tutorial

UiPath Tutorial


  • UiPath is one of the foremost popular RPA tools that offer end-to-end solutions to help organizations effectively automate repetitive and redundant tasks.
  • UiPath RPA provider within the industry, providing advanced robotic power to automate their recurring business processes.
  • RPA UiPath is an open platform tool, which provides much built-in, customizable integration with multiple technologies like ERP, BPM, and AI.
  • We can develop software robots (also called bots) using UiPath that mimic human actions and perform tasks a bit like a person's would do.
  • Unlike humans, bots produce rapid results without making errors.
  • UiPath can helps to convert their boring, repetitive tasks into an automation process and permit humans to focus on other tasks that need human intelligence or intervention.
 UiPath Tutorial

UiPath Tutorial

  • UiPath is used to perform automation for Windows desktop tasks.
  • UiPath provides easy to use interface with drag and drops support.
  • UiPath is employed to automate redundant tasks and reduce/remove human intervention from such tasks.
  • UiPath provides a typical Studio version with all premium features which features a trial period of 60 days.
  • UiPath also features a Community Edition, which is free and includes most of the Studio version features.

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History of UiPath

  • UiPath is currently one of the top leading global software companies providing a platform for robotic process automation.
  • It had been introduced in 2005 by the Romanian entrepreneurs, Daniel Dines and Marius Tirca.
  • The corporate started its journey from Bucharest, Romania. After, it had been expanded to several countries worldwide.
  • In April 2020, UiPath was declared the highest tech company and the 2nd in overall growing companies by the Financial Times 100.

Why use UiPath

  • There are various automation tools like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Pega, etc.
  • They're made consistent with industry standards, but UiPath has a slight advantage over them.
  • It involves desktop automation, UiPath is best amongst them.

Why we should always prefer UiPath are listed below:

  • Desktop automation may be a unique feature of UiPath compared to other automation tools.
  • UiPath can handle remote desktop applications easily.
  • Data handling processes and techniques are better in UiPath as compared to the other automation tools.
  • UiPath is totally flexible and compatible with scraping techniques.
  • Writing logic and methods are better in UiPath when compared with other automation tools within the RPA market.

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