Benefits of XML

Benefits of XML - Business Benefits

  • Information Sharing :
    • XML define data formats to build tools which helps to read, write and transform data between XML and other formats.
  • Single application usage :
    • In an application, there is not necessary to code by xml in whole applications.
    • Some specific parts of an application that involve formatting or transferring the data between applications can be coded by XML.

  • Content Delivery :
    • XML supports different users, channels, and also build more efficient applications.
    • These channels have information delivery mechanisms such as digital TV, phone, the Web, and multimedia/touchscreen kiosks.

Technological Benefits:

  • XML is text-based (unicode) Format.
    • Takes less space to store data.
    • More efficient to transfer the data
  • One XML document can be displayed differently in different media.
    • Html, video, CD, DVD
    • You need to change the XML document in order to change all the rest of the media.
  • XML documents can be modularized.
  • The XML can be reused
 Benefits of XML

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