What is XML ?

What is XML ?

  • XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is designed for both human and machine readable.
  • It doesn’t contain any predefined tags that helps the user to define their own set of tags.
  • It is a smaller version of SGML.
  • It overcomes all the drawbacks of HTML.
  • It is easy to understand and it is very much flexible than HTML
  • It inherits the features of SGML and combines it with the features of HTML.
  • XML document is just a pure information wrapped in tags.
  • Someone must write a piece of software to send, receive or display it.
  • It is used to exchange the information between organizations and systems.
 Introduction to XML

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Features of XML :

  • XML is a metalanguage and it describes all the other markup languages.
  • XML file displays the data in different format.
  • It could also be helps to other applications for further processing.
  • It is excellent for long-term data storage and reusability.
  • It does not allow empty command declaration.
  • Stylesheets allows to transform the structured data into different HTML views to display data on different browsers [XSLT].
 Features of XML

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How XML Works ?

 How XML Works

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  • XML is used for both, storing and transferring data.
  • For transferring, xml don't create a file and transfer it but send the content directly.
  • Transferring data from a sender machine to a receiver machine, XML transfer the data into Object.
  • The sender serializes the object. That means it converts the object to a byte stream. This stream can be formatted in XML, SOAP, JSON, whatever.
  • The receiver receives the byte stream and deserializes it to an object. This object should be equivalent to the one the sender has sent before in that it holds the same data.
 How XML Works

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Structure of an XML

  • The structure of xml consist of :
    • Declaration of Xml
    • Root node
    • Node Attributes and its value
    • Empty node
 Structure of XML

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XML Usage in appications

  • The XML technology is commonly used for:
    • Configuration files.
    • Data exchange format between applications.
    • Structured data sets.
    • Simple file-based databases.
XML Applications

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