There are 3 levels of abstraction in DBMS

Physical Level

  • It is the lowest level of data abstraction and is managed by DBMS.
  • This level shows how the data is stored in the database.
  • Data storage descriptions and details of this level are hidden from system admins, developers, and users

Logical Level

  • Logical level is the second level in data abstraction, which states the type of data and the relationship among the data that is stored in the database.
  • It is a level on which system admin and developers work.

View Level

  • This is the highest level of data abstraction, which shows/states only a part of the database.
  • View level is a level that describes a part of the database and hides the details of the table and its schema and storage from its users.
  • The result of a query is an example of view-level data abstraction.
  • A table created by selecting fields from one or more tables present in the database can be shown using this view.

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