What is Normalization in DBMS ?

  • Normalization is a process of breaking down the relations with a less attributes.
  • Process of arranging the data in the database is called Normalization.
  • To reduce the repetition from a relation or from a set of relations, normalization is used.
  • It is used for removing undesirable characteristics like Insertion, Update and Deletion Anamolies.
  • Normalization divides larger table into smaller by linking them using relationships.
  • To reduce the repetition from a database table, normal forms are used.
  • For removing anamolies from relations, we use normalization.
  • If the anamolies are not eliminated, it may lead to data repetition, and it can also cause data integrity and other problems when the data base grows.
  • For creating a good database certain rules and regulations are set in normalization.

Steps in Normalization

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