Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android - Mobile- The Advanced system care by IOBIT has touched base on android. In the event that you had

The Advanced system care by IOBIT has touched base on android.  In the event that you had utilized propelled framework mind on PC, then you are as of now mindful of what this application will give. Android users are excessively made a fuss over the battery life of their device thanks to multi-tasking support and back ground which has shortened the battery life of phones, and if some greedy app remains un-noticed, it will suck all the juice out of your phone, despite the Google’s effort to optimize back ground processes and battery, still many things are out of their reach. The following significant truth to consider is the assault of malwares, Trojans on world’s most open and reachable cell phone working framework android. Smartphones are more vulnerable than our own pc or laptops. The amount of sensitive information like contacts, photos and messages etc. are one of the reason behind this. One more concern among users specially having phones capable of holding their whole personal life and related information is how to protect their privacy. That is photos and files which needs extra security from those who occasionally try to peep in other’s personal life. What’s more, at last if your telephone conveys excessively stack for you, you would love to keep it streamlined and garbage free.

In the event that you feel that the issues specified as something to do with your droid. Then Advanced Mobile Care by IOBIT is one stop answer for every one of your issues.

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IOBIT has been one of the most successful companies in making renowned maintenance and optimization softwares for PC (advanced system care, game booster, protected folder, malware fighter etc.), now here they are, on android to make your life simple.

One application takes care of your issues of task manager, antivirus, app manager, cache cleaner, privacy manager and power saver and battery optimizer. One of a kind element you will go over is amusement speeder, one of its kind advances the diversion dispatch.


Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

This application accompanies all the above components with one basic gadget to tap and clean phone, app has been built with nice and smooth transition animations and clean dark and illuminative interface. At the primary look the application awes you and the components do function admirably. There are a couple changes for data and the smooth livelinesss will satisfy you.

2. Functionality

The application has enhanced a ton from its dispatch and user can expect new features to be integrated with each update. Since the application is only a few months old in play store, we are seeking after new elements also however until further notice numerous helpful components are incorporated with it.


This application can check the framework and SD card for malwares, Trojans and different infections. Additionally, it gives you alternative to constant insurance and programmed refresh of database.

Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

2.Task killer

You can choose to add a task to ignore list, or have option of killing apps at regular intervals say when screen is off, half an hour, 1,2 or 3 hours your choice.

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Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

3.App manager:

You can choose from apps and list them by name, usage, size. Apart from this you can un-install an app, launch it or move it from internal storage to external storage or sd card.

Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

4.Cache and junk files cleaner:

While scanning you can delete junk files and cache with just one tap.

5.Privacy manager:

Encrypt and password protect your personal photos, files and videos without giving any hint to others what you are storing in your device.

Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

6.Battery Saver

The app has battery saver pre-sets which can be configured accordingly so that you get more stand by time and remain free from tension of carrying charger.
You can even monitor which apps are eating your battery. A notification icon can be enabled to show current battery level and the app even show you estimated time to charge while the phone is plugged in.

Advanced Mobile Care- All in One Solution for Android

7. Game Speeder

Do you remember Game Booster, now you can optimize and speed up game launch using this app, unique feature that I have seen only in this app. You can even add a game if it is not listed in the app.

The application is giving you ease of use at no cost, completely free. Other than this, the application is always being refreshed and new components are being included with each refresh. What I loved most was that the application in foundation takes just 5 MB of memory and functions admirably in foundation checking all that it is designed for. The app has eye catching and clean power saving dark back ground with super smooth animations (first use will give you an idea how well the app is developed). In our verdict, finally for what you are paying not even a penny and you are getting good features, so it merits thumbs up from us and all the credit to the IOBIT advancement group for this application.

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App Size and game data:
4 MB


Free on Google Play

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