Best Ways to Speed Up Your Internet in Iphone/IPad

Best Ways to Speed Up Your Internet in Iphone/IPad - Mobile - Boost up Internet speed in iphone/ipad and any ios device to increase browsing.

Boost up Internet speed in iphone/ipad and any ios device to increase browsing and downloading speed with iphone hack.

Here are the best ways on How to speed up your internet speed in Iphone/Ipad:

Change DNS Server to Google DNS Servers:

Whenever your type/open/access any site in your browser it resolves it name to ip of that website. The DNS Server delivers this facility which translates website name into it ip and then connect with it and display the desired result.
Typically it is accomplished by your ISP. They have their own DNS servers which resolves the ip but in most of the cases they are slow. You can change it to the fast DNS servers like google, OpenDNS etc.


  1. open Settings on iphone/ipad and Click on WiFi.
  2. Select the network for which you want to set Custom DNS.
  3. Tap the Numbers in DNS and write the custom DNS server.

you can use them alternatively:

Google DNS servers: and

OpenDNS servers: and

Using Applications:

You can likewise utilize application that can increase your internet speed in your iphone/ipad etc.

Explanation for is this your iphone have a great deal more bandwidth/potential available than it uses. They have spared organize transfer speed for specific things like updates and so forth. You can get more speed by utilizing these applications.

1.Network Speed :

Boost your 3G and wifi arrange speed to another level with this application. It can max the downloading speed and improve your web association in one click. Download it from the application store and make the most of your web at its maximum potential.

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2.Network Accelerator:

This application can accelerate your 3G, wifi organize speed upto 200%. It is the way to upgrade the system condition your iPhone and iPod touch to the most extreme speed ability up to 200%. Enhance Internet proficiency to spare battery control arrange insight quickening agent to expand your system potential.

3.Antenna Booster:

The speed of your internet directly correlates with the strength of its antenna. This app can help you locate the cell tower or help you detect the wifi access point with maximum strength in that particular area. Enjoy the best internet speed with the help of this application.

4.Fing: Network Scanner:

It is a network management tool for the network professionals. It can show and manage your network report. It also scans and detect the intrusions and the devices that are currently connected or was connected. So that you can know what security system and methods you should use to stop them from connecting to your internet and so that only you can access your internet with its maximum potential and speed.


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