Best Startups Examples on React Native

This is a modern framework for coding cross-platform mobile applications. It allows for creating multifunctional project under IOS and Android. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Uber, Tesla, SoundCloud and other large companies were interested in developing mobile applications using this technology.

This is a modern, fast-growing framework that looks to the future development. Its development is supported by Facebook, Microsoft, and a community of developers from around the world. It is also distributed under an open-source software license and allows to implement the native behaviour corresponding to the final platform.

Why Use React Native for Cross-Platform App Development?

React Native Development Company Django Stars deals with cross-platform app development, Android app development, IOS app development, and hybrid apps. This makes this company close to numerous startup projects that choose this React Native platform for its functionality and convenience as it combines the advantages of hybrid and native applications. Since IOS and Android share about 60- 70 per cent of the codebase when needed to create the application for both platforms the use of React Native significantly increases development speed. React has been highly sought-after for a long time in software development. If you master the art of programming in React with an online React Course , it will improve the chance of getting the job.

Best Startups Using React Native

  • com – an effective online platform that provides its customer with the functionality of ordering from local restaurants and stores for on-demand delivery. The use of React Native made this platform as multifunctional and adjustable as it was only possible. About 12,000 merchants use this platform for their business to provide services for over 2 million of uses around the world;
  • Discord App – this voice and text application for smartphones and personal computers is extremely popular among professional gamers playing online team-games that require the fastest and responsive cooperation and interaction. This one of the first apps at the global market that was built with React Native.
  • UberEats – Another Uber service that aims at making food delivery from restaurants easier for its users and at the same to provide delivery partners with more flexible business strategies. This company managed to combine three sides that are interested in cooperation: drivers, restaurants, and customers who are always hungry. Uber development team was very positive about using React Native and confirmed its ability to scale up their service.
  • com – this multifunctional platform allows rapidly creating convenient websites for customers around the world the number of whom, by the way, already reached 80 thousand. With React Native the dev team succeeded to go from zero to hero in just six months. This framework accelerates the development speed by 3 times what rises Wix to number one company creating websites faster than anyone else.
  • Gyroscope – the application for a better life. This is a tool that helps people lose weight, increase their productivity, and improve their everyday life. Gyroscope tracks physical activities, sleep patterns, puls, etc. With all the data collected the application can make suggestions on the most appropriate diet that the person can follow to increase the effectiveness of his/her routine. React Native made it possible for Gyroscope to prepare their application for both IOS and Android and make them both similarly effective.
  • Walmart – the retail leviathan and one of the largest corporation in the world that was included in the Fortune 500 list. The Walmart application coded in React Native framework gives people diverse functionality like shopping, search for desired products, and check prices in stores remotely. The application even offers its mobile wallet system. The implementation of React Native solved numerous problems and accelerated the development process as about 95 per cent of the Walmart codebase on IOS and Android is similar. The Use of framework allowed to cut spending in half.

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