Flask File Uploading

 Flask File Upload

Flask File Upload

  • It is the process of transmitting the binary or normal files to the server. The uploaded file is saved to the temporary directory of the server for a while before it is saved to some desired location.


name = request.files['file'].filename  
 Flask File Config

Flask File Config


  • It is used to mention the upload folder.


  • It is used to mention the maximum size of the file to be uploaded.

To upload a file from the local file system to the server.

Sample code

  • In this code, we will provide a file selector(file_upload_form.html) to the user where the user can select a file from the file system and submit it to the server.
  • At the server side, the file is fetched using the request.files['file'] object and saved to the location on the server.

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from flask import *  
app = Flask(__name__)  
def upload():  
   return render_template("file_upload_form.html")  
 @app.route('/success', methods = ['POST'])  
def success():  
    if request.method == 'POST':  
        f = request.files['file']  
      return render_template("success.html", name = f.filename)  
  if __name__ == '__main__':  
    app.run(debug = True)  


    <form action = "/success" method = "post" enctype="multipart/form-data">  
        <input type="file" name="file" />  
        <input type = "submit" value="Upload">  


<p>File uploaded successfully</p>  
<p>File Name: {{name}}</p>  


 Flask File Upload1

Flask File Upload

  • The user has chosen a file named as logo.jpg. It will be upload to the server.
 Flask File Upload2

Flask File Upload to server

  • The below snapshot is generated for the URL localhost:5000/success. On successfully uploading the file
 Flask File Sucess

Flask File Sucess

  • To check the directory where the upload.py is located as given in the below image.
 Flask File Dir

Flask File Directory

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