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  • There are numerous ways of installing the package or application. There are enlisted below
    • One of the features of this open source web application is that anyone can make installer as per their own environment. This has allowed various vendors like Debian, Red Hat, FreeBSD, Suse etc. to customize the file location and configuration of apache taking into account other installed applications and base OS.
    • Apart from installing it from a vendor based installer, there is always the option of building and installing it from the source code. Installing Apache from source file is a platform independent & works for all OS.
  • The apache web server is a modular application where the administrator can choose the required functionality and install different modules as per his/her requirement.
  • All modules can be compiled as a Dynamic Shared Objects (DSO is an object file that could be shared by multiple apps while they are executing) that exists separately from the main apache file.
  • The DSO approach is highly recommended, it makes the task of adding/removing/updating modules from the servers configuration very simple.

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