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Golang Strings

  • The standard library’s strings package provides many useful string-related functions.
 Golang strings

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golang concatenate strings and string operations

Learn Golang - Golang tutorial - Golang string concatenate - Golang examples - Golang programs

package main

	import s "strings"
import "fmt"
// We alias fmt.Println to a shorter name as we’ll use it a lot below.
	var p = fmt.Println

	func main() {
// Here’s a sample of the functions available in strings. Since these are functions from the package, not methods on the string object itself, we need pass the string in question as the first argument to the function. You can find more functions in the strings package docs.
	    p("Contains:  ", s.Contains("test", "es"))
// check for the keyword contains in the text.

    p("Count:     ", s.Count("test", "t"))
// count of the occurrence of character or string in the text.

    p("HasPrefix: ", s.HasPrefix("test", "te"))
// check for the prefix text in the given text

    p("HasSuffix: ", s.HasSuffix("test", "st"))
//check for the suffix text in the given text.

    p("Index:     ", s.Index("test", "e"))
//check for the index of the character in the given text

    p("Join:      ", s.Join([]string{"a", "b"}, "-"))
//Join the strings

    p("Repeat:    ", s.Repeat("a", 5))
// duplicate the string for 5 number of times.

    p("Replace:   ", s.Replace("foo", "o", "0", -1))
// replace the character in a string. -1 indicates replace every where

    p("Replace:   ", s.Replace("foo", "o", "0", 1))
// replace the character in a string. 1 indicates replace at position 1

    p("Split:     ", s.Split("a-b-c-d-e", "-"))
//split the string with the character “-“

    p("ToLower:   ", s.ToLower("TEST"))
// convert the string to lower

    p("ToUpper:   ", s.ToUpper("test"))
// conver the string to upper

// Not part of strings, but worth mentioning here, are the mechanisms for getting the length of a string in bytes and getting a byte by index.
	    p("Len: ", len("hello"))
    p("Char:", "hello"[1])
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golang strings and string operations
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Output for the above go program

$ go run string-functions.go
Contains   :   true
Count        :   2
HasPrefix  :   true
HasSuffix  :   true
Index        :   1
Join         :   a-b
Repeat     :   aaaaa
Replace    :   f00
Replace    :   f0o
Split         :   [a b c d e]
ToLower     :   test
ToUpper     :   TEST
Len          :   5
Char         :   101

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