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Golang Tools

  • Go includes the same sort of debugging, testing, and code-vetting tools as many language distributions. The Go distribution includes, among other tools
  • go build-> which builds Go binaries using only information in the source files themselves, no separate makefiles
  • go test-> for unit testing and microbenchmarks
  • go fmt-> for formatting code
  • go get-> for retrieving and installing remote packages
  • go vet-> a static analyzer looking for potential errors in code
  • go run-> a shortcut for building and executing code
  • godoc-> for displaying documentation or serving it via HTTP
  • gorename-> for renaming variables, functions, and so on in a type-safe way
  • go generate-> a standard way to invoke code generators
  • It also includes profiling and debugging support, runtime instrumentation (to, for example, track garbage collection pauses), and a race condition tester.
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Open-source applications in Go

  • Lightning Network -> a Bitcoin network that allows for near-instantaneous Bitcoin transactions and scalability.
  • CockroachDB -> an open source, survivable, strongly consistent, scale-out SQL database.
  • Docker -> a set of tools for deploying Linux containers
  • Doozer -> a lock service by managed hosting provider Heroku
  • Geth software -> a golang implementation of Ethereum-protocol blockchain technology, which implements a shared world computing platform.
  • Gogs-> self-hosted Git Service.
  • InfluxDB-> an open source database specifically to handle time series data with high availability and high performance requirements.
  • Juju -> a service orchestration tool by Canonical, packagers of Ubuntu Linux
  • Kubernetes -> container management software
  • OpenShift -> a cloud computing platform as a service by Red Hat
  • Packer -> a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration
  • Snappy -> a package manager for Ubuntu phone developed by Canonical.
  • Syncthing -> an open-source file synchronization client/server application
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Open-source frameworks using Go:

  • Beego -> high-performance web framework in Go, used for web apps and backend services.
  • Martini -> package for web applications/services.
  • Gorilla -> a web toolkit for Go.
  • Enduro/X ASG -> a cluster middleware, application server, distributed transaction and multi-processing framework for Go.
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Companies and sites using Go :

  • AeroFS -> private cloud filesync appliance provider which migrated some microservices from Java to Go with major memory footprint improvements
  • Chango -> a programmatic advertising company uses Go in its real-time bidding systems.
  • Cloud Foundry, a platform as a service
  • CloudFlare-> for their delta-coding proxy Railgun, their distributed DNS service, as well as tools for cryptography, logging, stream processing, and accessing SPDY sites.
  • CoreOS -> a Linux-based operating system that utilizes Docker containers.
  • Couchbase-> Query and Indexing services within the Couchbase Server
  • Dropbox -> migrated some of their critical components from Python to Go
  • Google -> for many projects, notably including download server dl.google.com
  • MercadoLibre -> for several public APIs.
  • MongoDB -> tools for administering MongoDB instances
  • Netflix -> for two portions of their server architecture
  • Novartis -> for an internal inventory system
  • Plug.dj -> an interactive online social music streaming website.
  • Replicated -> Docker based PaaS for creating enterprise, installable software.
  • SendGrid -> a Boulder, Colorado-based transactional email delivery and management service.
  • SoundCloud -> for "dozens of systems"
  • Splice -> for the entire backend (API and parsers) of their online music collaboration platform.
  • ThoughtWorks -> some tools and applications around continuous delivery and instant messages (CoyIM).
  • Twitch.tv -> for their IRC-based chat system (migrated from Python).
  • Uber -> for handling high volumes of geofence-based queries.
  • Zerodha -> for real time peering and streaming of market data

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