Logarithmic and Antilogarithmic Amplifier

Applications of Operational Amplifiers in Tamil

Logarithmic amplifier

  • Logarithmic amplifier gives the output proportional to the logarithm of input signal.
  • If Vi is the input signal applied to a differentiator then the output is Vo = K * ln(Vi) + l where K is gain of logarithmic amplifier, l is constant.
Integrator circuit

Logarithmic Amplifier

AntiLogarithmic amplifier

  • Anti log amplifier is one which provides output proportional to the antilog i.e. exponential to the input voltage.
  • If Vin is the input signal applied to a Anti log amplifier then the output is Vo = K * exp (a * Vi) where K is proportionality constant, a is constant.
Integrator circuit

AntiLogarithmic Amplifier

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