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Leave Letter to Manager Sample

                                                   Leave Letter to Manager Sample

date:                                                                     Peter


10 Sai Street, Garden Land, Chennai, 91

Cell: (543) 934-1987

[email protected]

Ravi Manager
10 Sai Street
Garden Land, Chennai, 91
Cell: (543) 934-1987
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Ravi,

I would like to request two weeks of leave to organise for proper care of my mother who will coming to live with my family in May. I would like my leave to begin on June 08, 2017 and until June 29, 2014. This would be the only time I have taken this year and you will agree that I have been a very good employee.

You and I have dispute the need for my mother and my family to care for her. This will be a constant presentation I will only need two weeks to prepare for arrival.

If you need to discuss any details regarding this situation, please feel to call me (543) 934-1987, or you can email me [email protected] I would request that issue your response as soon as possible so that I can begin making advance plans to remodel my home in my mother arrival. Thank you for your attention and look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely Yours,





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