Download & Install Tor Browser

Tor Browser – Why usage

  • Tor browser is similar to Similar to a Firefox browser. Simple and Any on can get it
  • The reason for using Tor browser is, the Host machine is untraceable
  • Can stay anonymous – provides online anonymity by hiding users’ IP address
  • Can access Darknet – Override online censorship by enabling the users to access blocked websites and/or webpages
  • Can see .onion extensions
  • Does not include default online tracking features
  • Does not make money out of users’ data

How Tor Browser Works

How to Install Tor Browser:


  • Download Link
  • Tor browser is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android

Step2: Download appropriate executables depends on your Installation OS.

Step 3 : Now goto the browser executable and double Click to install the tor browser

Step 4 : Select the installation language and set the path For the browser to get installed

Step 5 : Your installation will start and you will get the Finish button to start your tor browser

Step 6 : configure your tor browser for the first time. No need of special configuration from my side. So I click the button “Connect”

Step 6 : Success. You got the tor browser to surf dark web

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