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Last month, Apple revealed the new iPhone 13 series, which includes various improvements that are well worth the price for Apple enthusiasts. Apple has also announced a new iOS 15, which has not changed much in terms of looks but more on the features offered. Keep reading for more hidden tricks that can help you get the most out of your phone.

Tracking System

One of the most noticeable features on the iPhone is the tracking system, which apps ask for permission to use when you use their apps. Most of the time, they do so to share more relevant advertisements with you as well as to study how people use their programme so that they can improve it. Choose whichever you like, but if you do not want the app to monitor you, head to Settings > Privacy and then select “Tracking”.

There is a button at the top that says “Allow applications to request to track.” Turn this off if you do not want any apps to request tracking information. Additionally, you can manually toggle tracking on or off for each app in the list. If you are uncertain, return to that menu option after a few days and you will see a breakdown of how various applications have used your permission.

Focus Mode

Focus mode is a function that disables unwanted apps in order to create a distraction-free environment around you. To begin, navigate to Settings > Focus and create Focus profiles. Pre-set settings for Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Personal, and Work are available here with the latter two ready to use. Tap on either and then follow the on-screen instructions to configure the focus mode.

Since focus profiles are adjustable, you are free to explore and figure out what works best for you over time. Another advantage is that the focus profiles are not limited to Apple’s selection. You can create a personalised focus profile for hobbies such as writing, swimming, yoga, running, and other activities that you enjoy. You have more control over how you interact with your iPhone.

Turn Off HDR Setting

If you do not know yet, the latest iPhone models can record video in HDR or Dolby Vision. This may or may not be good news for many people because it consumes a lot of storage space.

To disable the HDR video, navigate to Settings > Camera > Record video and toggle the Off button next to HDR video. All videos will be captured in a standard dynamic range in the future, so you will have no trouble sharing or editing them.

If you still want HDR, go ahead, but keep in mind that not everyone has a gadget capable of detecting the HDR difference. To solve this, use the Photos app instead of posting the video on social media. When you utilise the Photos app, your iPhone will automatically convert and share the video to SDR. Only then your video can be seen on another device.

Scheduled Summary

Rather than getting a lot of random notifications throughout the day, iOS 15 offers a function called Scheduler Summary. This feature allows you to group all the less important notifications and send them all at once.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary to enable it. You will be asked to create the system, which includes adding the apps you want to contribute to the notification summary and determining how long you want it to display.

Usually, the essential information is at the top of the summary. You can choose up to 12 summaries per day. Unless you choose to have the summary appear, you will only be notified by direct messages or apps that are not on your list throughout the day. Notifications are prioritised according to how you interact with the apps.


The final trick is SharePlay, which allows you to stream movies and TV shows while on a FaceTime call. To begin, launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone and make a call. Once the call is connected, tap the SharePlay button in the new control panel at the top-right corner of the screen.

After a three-second countdown, select Share My Screen, and screen sharing will begin. Select a show to watch from the TV app or another streaming app, such as Netflix or Apple TV, and tap Play. The footage will be streamed to the rest of the callers. If that is not enough, SharePlay also allows you to listen to songs from Apple Music together. Keep in mind that SharePlay is currently only available on Apple devices.

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