Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone
Unique Photo Apps for iPhone
Unique Photo Apps for iPhone - Mobile - iPhone cameras keep on topping the list of Flickr’s most famous camera, above even dedicated SLR cameras.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone  cameras keep on topping the list of Flickr’s most famous camera, above even dedicated SLR cameras. So, it’s not an unexpected that the huge user base will bring natural to lots of photo apps in iTunes app store. While more expert photographers will lean towards more serious camera apps, there are a handful of fun and unique photo apps that you can use.

Taking Selfies

Selfie is taking the world by storm, appreciations to the developing popularity of camera phone. The main feature of selfie apps is to make your self-photos looks the best. Each app comes with its own twist, but the most doubtful player on the field is Redmond’s tech giant. Microsoft released Microsoft Selfie (free) that uses the face recognition technology to analyze the face and improve the outcome. We’ve come across this technology with the website How Old that guesses your age from your photo.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Another famous expert in this field is Camera 360 (free) that already have 500 million users around the world. Other than that auto-enhancing feature, the app also comes with fun stickers, photo challenges, photo filters, and advanced editing.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Other selfie apps that you can attempt are YouCam PerfectBeautyPlusBeautyCam, and InstaBeauty. All are available for free.

Creating Cartoon and Comic

If you think just taking selfies is not enough to express yourself, you can try to turn your photos into cartoon and funny. MomentCam (free) is a famous app that will turn your photos into fun cartoons. It adds funny features, backgrounds, and text bubbles. You can also change your facial expressions and share the result with your friends.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

But if you wish to make a comic-book-style collection of your photos, you can try Halftone (US$ 1.99) or Halftone 2 (US$ 2.99). Both come with more or less similar abilities such as add comic-book-style stickers, various types of captions and text balloon styles, and many frame templates to choose. Halftone 2 has more features than the original  most notable is to create videos from your photos.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Other cartoon and comic making apps that you can try are CariCartoon (US$ 1.99) Comic Touch 2 (free).

Turning Photos into Work of Art

Another fun thing that we can do with our photos is to make them as if they’re work of art. Numerous types of apps fall into this category.

Try My Sketch (free), Sketch Me! (free), or Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon (US$ 1.99) to turn your photos into pencil sketches. But if we prefer to expand beyond pencil, we can try Photo Art Maker (free) or Photo Lab, (free) that can help we create antique oil paintings, watercolor paintings, street graffitis, impressionism paintings, and more, from your photos.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Speaking of graffiti, you can try Graffiti Me! (US$ 1.99) to create our next Banksy-style street art, complete with the wall and spray painting text.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

You can also caricature your photos using Caricature Me (free).

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Creating Collage

It is one of the preferred approach to present your photo collection is to arrange them into sets of collages, similar to the old-school photo album. That’s might be the reason there are lots of collage apps in the app store.

These apps do more than just put several photos together into one collage. They additionally offer ways to apply styles to the layout, add stickers and backgrounds, use different borders and frames, add labels and patterns, use templates, and many more.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

To create collages, you can use the simple and free Pic Jointer. But there are variety of free alternatives out there such as Photo CollagePhoto Collage MakerPic Stitch, and Photonia Photo Collage Editor. There are also paid alternatives with no in-app purchase that you can try such as LiPix Pro (US$ 1.99) and Photo Frame Maker (US$ 1.99).

Coloring Parts of the Photo

Another popular photography trick to emphasize a certain part of the picture is to put color only on that part and leave the rest as black and white. This trick is also a fun way to improve your photos before sharing them with your friends through social media.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

You can use Color Effects (free). Not only it can create a black and white photo with colored parts, but it can addition change the color of any parts of your photo. Other alternatives are Dash of Color (free), Photo Splash (free), Color Splurge (free), Color Blast (US$ 0.99) .

Creating Poster with Text and Artwork

We can also use our photos as the base to create posters with text and artwork. This kind of posters is perfect to use as holiday greeting cards, banners for your business, self-improvement quotations, magazine cover, or anything else that we can imagine.

And there’s nothing better to start exploring the art than Adobe Post (free). This app to create beautiful social graphics, Adobe Post comes with auto-adjusting typography, beautiful design filters, professional design templates, and half a million free stock photos that we can use to create our graphics on the fly.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

And if we feel that Adobe name is not enough, we can continue our exploration with other apps like Phoster (US$ 1.99), Over (free) and FontMania (US$ 2.99).

Cloning Objects

How do you feel to see two or more of yourselves in one photograph? Fantastic,  Once more what changed into as soon as tedious process to do in traditional photo editing software, is now as easy as taking few snaps on the phone. But different from other photo apps mentioned earlier, cloning yourself is not only a process done after taking photos, but additionally involving unique steps at the same time as taking the pictures.

The basic steps are setting your phone in a fixed position, and taking several pictures of yourself in different positions with the same background. After that, you could combine yourselves into one picture with the help of a light image editing.

Recommended app to clone yourself is Clone Camera Pro (US$ 1.99). It comes with a special photo capturing feature that will set several auto snaps with a timer. So, all you need to do is place the camera, set the timer, and do several poses.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Other similar apps that you can try are Split CameraSplit Lens, and PicClone. All free with in-app buying. There is also a paid alternative with no in-app purchase Clone Magic (US$ 1.99).

Using Front and Back Camera

Most modern smartphones come with front and back camera. You can use them to take a group picture without excluding the person who takes it, or take a photo of a beautiful sunset and show the world that you are the one who take it.

Some apps can help you take two pictures, one using the front camera and the other using the back camera, then combine them in one photo. Due to hardware limitation, you have yet to find an app that can do it simultaneously. But the apps make it easy to switch between cameras. First you take a photo using the back camera, and then you snap your picture using the front.

You can use Selfback (US$ 0.99) app. It allows to arrange the two pictures the way you need. You can put your picture as a small circle on one location of the central image, or you can also put the two-picture side by side.

Unique Photo Apps for iPhone

Other similar apps to try: Frontback (free), Mento (free), and Front & Back Camera Pro (US$ 2.99).

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