Resolve Gmail Attachment Download Error [Quick Solutions]


Gmail, also known as Google mail is a very popular and top-listed email client. Users all around the world usually start stepping into the emailing world through Gmail. This webmail is the most common and most suitable email web client for users. The management of the data and permissions between users are well organized and Gmail is treated as the best among the management of data and security.

Having these within, some prerequisites come in the way of the users that prevent them from using the download feature to save the email attachments on the local system. This article is shared by a custom software development company  JatApp to learn some quick solutions to download Gmail attachments without any error.

Expert Solution:

You can download each email with respective attachments to the local system or any flash drive with the Freeviewer Gmail Backup Tool. The application is efficient in downloading all Gmail account data to the local hard drive. Try the Free edition and get Gmail attachments saved locally without any error occurs.

Gmail Attachment Download without Error

Some System specification that makes it unable to download attachments from Gmail in Chrome to a hard drive is defined below

Browser Version not Supported:

For some situations, Gmail won’t be supporting the present version of Google Chrome. For this, a quick remedy is to change the browser and try downloading the email attachment. This remedy clears most problems saving Gmail attachments locally without trouble. Another solution is to upgrade the browser to its latest version available and retry downloading attachments.

Chrome Extension Preventing Gmail Attachment Download:

Some occasion occurs when an extension enabled within the Browser is preventing the doc attachment from being downloaded. For such occurrence, we can go to Google extensions and disable all the extensions. It is suggested so as we won’t be aware of the extension that is causing this trouble.

Antivirus Prevention:

Antivirus is an application in the computer that sometimes protects data and prevents it from being downloaded. It is so because it finds some suspicious elements within the data copied into the system from the server. This stops the downloading of the attachment from Gmail. To avoid this, you need to disable the antivirus for a while and then retry downloading the Gmail attachments in an error-free manner.

Firewall Discarding Attachment:

The firewall is an inbuilt feature within the system that tries to prevent suspicious data from servers coming into the system. For some, this might be the case, if no Antivirus is installed on the system. The best method is to disable the Firewall.

Please make sure, you are enabling the Firewall after the Gmail attachment is downloaded. This will help your system from being attacked by the virus through the server data.

Hard Disk Space Unavailable:

If your downloading Gmail attachments show the error, this might be because of the space insufficiency. So you can view the folder to save the attachment is having sufficient space to keep the file. In case you are short of space, try moving some data to an external hard drive, pen drive, etc. Also, you can connect to any external drives and save the Gmail attachments directly to the external drive location.

Gmail Server Download:

Gmail servers may be down at some time. They might alert you for the server down or maintenance time. This period is usually set for the night so that we are not having an issue using Gmail in the daytime. But sometimes the Gmail server Outage occurs that shut up the server and make it irresponsive. NO issue with Gmail, the management system reacts to it very fast and makes the server responds. For this issue, you have to contact Gmail support and alert them that you are unable to download attachments from Gmail in Chrome Browser.

Wrapping It All Together

Here, we have covered some quick remedies to resolve the Gmail attachment download error. If you are having trouble saving multiple emails and attachments from Gmail, try out the solutions provided below. We have tried our best to get your emailing to be more comfortable and trouble-free. You can contact Gmail support for solutions on other issues if occurred.

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