Azure DevOps

  • Azure DevOps is also referred to as Microsoft visual studio team services (VSTS). It's a group of collaborative development tools built for the cloud VSTS was commonly used as a standalone term, and Azure DevOps may be a platform which is formed from a few different products, such as:
    • Azure Test Plans
    • Azure Boards
    • Azure Repos
    • Azure Pipeline
    • Azure Artifacts
 azure devops

Azure Devops

  • Azure DevOps is everything that must turn an idea into a working piece software. You'll plan a project with azure tools.

1. Azure Pipelines

  • Continuous Integration(CI) / Continuous Delivery(CD) for any platform.
  • Build, test and deploy in any language, to any cloud-or on-premises. Connect to GitHub or the other Git provider and deploy continuously. Run in parallel on Linux, macOS and Windows and deploy containers to individual hosts or Kubernetes.

2. Azure Repos

  • Unlimited free private repository.
  • Get unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repos and collaborate to create better code with pull requests and advanced file management.
  • Get flexible, powerful Git hosting with effective code reviews and unlimited free repositories for all of your ideas-from a one-person project to the world’s largest repository.

3. Azure Test Plans

  • Test and ship confidently using manual and exploratory testing tools.

4. Azure Artifacts

  • Universal package repository.
  • Create, host and share packages together with your team and add artifacts to your CI/CD pipelines with one click.
  • Share Maven, npm, NuGet and Python packages from public and private sources together with your entire team. Integrate package sharing into your CI/CD pipelines during a way which is simple and scalable.

5. Azure Boards

  • Deliver value to your users faster using proven agile tools to plan, track and discuss work across your teams.

Azure DevOps Server

  • Azure DevOps Server may be a Microsoft product that gives version control, requirements management, reporting, lab management, project management, testing, automated builds, and release management capabilities.
  • Azure DevOps are often used as a back-end to the various integrated development environments, but it's modified for Microsoft visual studio and eclipse on all platforms.
 azure devops

Azure Devops

Azure DevOps Services

  • Microsoft announced the discharge of the software as a service offering of visual studio on the Microsoft Azure platform at the time Microsoft called it a visible studio online.
  • Microsoft offers visual studio , basic, and stakeholder subscriber access levels for the Azure DevOps services.
  • The basic plan is free of cost for up to 5 users. Users with a visible studio subscription are often added to a project with no additional charge.

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