AngularJS Introduction

When AngularJS?

  • AngularJS development was started by a two developers, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons at Brat Tech LLC in 2009.
  • AngularJS version 1.0 released in 2012 and officially powered by Google.
Misko Hevery

What AngularJS?

  • AngularJS is a JavaScript based open-source framework for Dynamic web Application developed by Google.
  • AngularJS extends HTML Attributes with Directives and Data binding to HTML with Expressions.
  • AngularJS well-suited for creating Single Page Application, but we can also use for multi paged dynamic web application.

Why AngularJS?

  • The latest trending front-end framework provided by Google as open-source.
  • AngularJS provide two-way Data binding which is described as the synchronization of model and view (changes in the element will be reflected in data and vice versa).
  • AngularJS Well defined for Single Page application as well as multiple page dynamic web application.
  • We can create a template in our application and we can re-use it multiple times.
  • AngularJS controls the entire application and show/hide everything in HTML DOM.
  • AngularJS enhance the form and validation and submitting form.
  • AngularJS provides the extended features to create a CRUD Application which can make Create, Read, Update and Delete data from the server.
  • AngularJS has routing which allows us to handle the URL hash.

How AngularJS?

  • AngularJS library is written in JavaScript and that is distributed as JavaScript file.
  • To use AngularJS we should include the AngularJS Source file from the by <script> tag.
<script src=""></script>

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