555 Timer LED Flasher - Project Description

Project Description

  • In this project , Burning or lightning the LED with the help of NE555 Timer.
  • While looking for blinking the LED that is how much frequency it need to blink the LED , can be achieved by NE555 timer.
  • The NE555 Timer has 8 pins. Ground Pin, Trigger pin, Output Pin, Reset pin, Control Voltage pin, Threshold pin, Discharge pin, Vcc pin.
  • The capacitor is used for Charging and Discharging.
  • Here using a 10 Micro Farad capacitor
  • For consistent, we are using ARDUINO BOARD. Its not mandatory for using this arduino board we can use a battery itself.
  • The arduino board is used to generate a 5V supply.

NE555 Circuit Diagram

Circuit – Pulse Details

  • By using this circuit , we need to generate a pulse t1 and t2.
  • Based on this, the LED states are ON and OFF which means the pulse of t1 is high the LED is in ON state and the pulse of t2 is low the LED is in OFF state.
  • This can be done by calculating the resistor and capacitor R1,R2 and C1.
  • Additionally going to calculate the capacity and varying capacity with the resistant capacitor.
  • Finally this project is calculating the pulse rate for defining the frequency and time period.
Pulse Details

Pulse Details

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