555 Timer LED Flasher - What is 555 timer ?

What is 555 timer ?

    • The 555 timer is one of the most remarkable integrated circuits ever developed. It comes in a single or dual package and even low power cmos versions exist - ICM7555.
    • Common part numbers are LM555, NE555, LM556, NE556. The 555 timer consists of :
      • Two voltage comparators
      • Bi-stable flip flop
      • Discharge transistor and
      • Resistor divider network.

    Features of the IC 555 Timer

      • These ICs operate in a broad range of supply voltages ranging from + 5 V to + 18 V.
      • They Reduce or supply 200 mA of load current.
      • The maximum power dissipation is 600 mW.
      • The operating temperature is 0 to 75 °C.
      • The exterior components are chosen accurately so that the time intervals can be made in quite a few minutes along with the frequencies above    several hundred KHz.
      • The o/p of an IC 555 timer IC can drive a TTL (transistor-transistor logic) due to its high current o/p.
      • The duty cycle of the 555 timer is variable.
      • The max power dissipation for each package is 600 mW and its two inputs like a trigger and reset have logic compatibility.

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