555 Timer LED Flasher - What is Capacitor ?




    • An electronic component that stores an electric charge and releases it when required.
    • It comes in a huge variety of sizes and types for use in regulating power as well as for conditioning, smoothing and isolating signals.
    • Capacitors are made from many different materials, and virtually every electrical and electronic system uses them.
    • Capacitors can be fabricated onto integrated circuit (IC) chips. They are commonly used in conjunction with transistors in dynamic random access memory (DRAM).
     Non-polarized and Polarized

    Non-polarized and Polarized


      • The Polarity indicates whether a circuit component is symmetric or not.
      • A polarized component might have two, twenty, or even two-hundred pins, and each one has a unique function or position

      Non-polarized capacitors

        • The non-polarized capacitors are of two types .
        • The plastic foil that are nonpolarized by nature. Electrolytic nonpolarized capacitors .
        • These are actually two capacitors in series (back to back) so that the result is nonpolarized with half the capacitance.

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