555 Timer LED Flasher - Project Design - Description

555 Timer IC Pin Description


Pin Description

Ground Pin

  • Ground pin is connected to the Ground.

Trigger pin

  • The Trigger pin is connected to the capacitor.
  • The capacitor is used for Charging and Discharging.
  • Here using a 10 Micro Farad capacitor.

Output Pin

  • The output pin is used to display the output that is the LED will blink when it is connected to the battery.

Reset pin

  • The fourth pin is the reset pin , In this pin it connected to the battery supply.
  • For consistent supply, we are using ARDUINO BOARD. Its not mandatory for using this arduino board we can use a battery itself.
  • The arduino board is used to generate a 5V supply .

Control Voltage pin

  • The pin five is not for usage, its just for controlling the voltage.

Threshold pin

  • The pin 6 is threshold pin is connected to pin 7 with a resistor.
  • In this pin we are using 10k ohm Resistor for doing some calculation.

Discharge pin & Vcc pin

  • The pin 7 (discharge pin) and pin 8 (Vcc pin) is connected to another variable resistor of 5k ohm.

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