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What is Javadocs in Maven?

  • Javadoc is a documentation tool which defines a standard format for such comments, and which can generate HTML files to view the documentation from a web broswer.
  • Maven comes out with one of the cool features which does the generation of the javadocs for a project.
  • As every developer knows that it is vital to have the code documentation of our project and this feature of maven helps to accomplish the same.
  • Maven uses the maven-javadoc plugin to generate the javadocs of a project.
  • This plugin internally uses JDK\bin\javadoce.exe command to generate javadocs.
  • When the project is deployed using mvn install command, it generates the javadocs for the project.
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Configuring Javadocs Plugin

  • The javadoc plugin can be configure for any project in pom.xml as shown below:



Generating Javadocs

  • After adding the above mentioned plugin in your project's pom.xml, all you have to do is, open the command prompt, go to the project directory,
  • For eg. D:\Java\workspace\JavaSamples and run the command maven install.
     Maven Generating Javadocs
     Maven Javadocs
  • The generated javadocs can be found in the project's location: D:\Java\workspace\JavaSamples\target\apidocs.

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