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About illinois

  • Illinois is a state in the midwestern region of the United States and it's the 5th most populous state and ranked 25th largest state in terms of land area, and is often noted as a microcosm of the entire country.
  • The word "Illinois" is termed on behalf of Algonquin word for "tribe of superior men".
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  • The locations are,
    • 1. With Chicago in the northeast,
    • 2. small industrial cities and great agricultural productivity in central and northern Illinois,
    • 3. natural resources like coal, timber, and petroleum in the south.
  • Illinois is real famous for diverse economic base and it has a major transportation hub.
  • The Port of Chicago connects the state to other global ports from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River, via the Illinois Waterway.
  • For decades, illinois O'Hare International Airport has been ranked as one of the world busiest airports.
  • The entire state's largest population center is around Chicago in the northern part of the state, the state's European population grew first in the west, with French Canadian colonists who settled along the Mississippi River and gave the name Illinois Country.
  • Illinois Capital: Springfield
  • Illinois State abbreviation/Postal code: Ill./IL
  • Illinois U.S. Representatives: 18
  • Illinois Organized as territory: Feb. 3, 1809
  • Illinois Entered Union (rank): Dec. 3, 1818 (21)
  • Illinois Present constitution adopted: 1970
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  • Illinois Motto: State sovereignty, national union
  • Illinois Origin of name: Algonquin for “tribe of superior men”
  • 10 largest cities (2014): Chicago, 2,714,856; Aurora, 199,932; Rockford, 150,843; Joliet, 148,268; Naperville, 143,684; Springfield, 117,126; Peoria, 115,687; Elgin, 109,927; Waukegan, 88,862; Cicero, 84,137
  • Illinois Land area: 55,584 sq mi. (143,963 sq km)
  • Illinois Geographic center: In Logan Co., 28 mi. NE of Springfield
  • Number of counties: 102
  • Illinois Largest county by population and area: Cook, 5,227,992 (2012); McLean, 1,184 sq mi.
  • Illinois Public use areas: 186 (275,000 ac.), incl. state parks, memorials, forests and conservation areas
  • Residents: Illinoisan
  • Illinois 2015 resident population: 12,859,995
  • Illinois Nickname: Prairie State.
  • Illinois Flag: The Illinois flag is a simple representation of the Great Seal of Illinois against a white background.
  • Capital Tour: Illinois Capital Tour.
  • Illinois Flower: Purple Violet (Viola).
  • Illinois Origin of State Name: Based on the Algonquin Indian word ilenweewa meaning "warriors“.
  • Illinois Rank: 5 of 50 .
  • Illinois Area: 57,918 sq.mi (150,007, 25th.
  • Illinois Land: 55,593 sq.mi. (143,985, 24th.
  • Illinois Water: 2,325 sq.mi. (6,022, 20th.
  • Illinois Border States: Indiana , Iowa , Michigan , Kentucky , Missouri , Wisconsin.
  • Illinois Geographic Center: Logan, 28 miles northeast of Springfield.
  • Illinois Highest Point: Charles Mound ; 1,235 feet, (376 m), 45th tallest.
  • Illinois Location: Absolute Center: 40°0.8'N / 89°18.4'W
  • Illinois Relative Center: Logan, 28 miles northeast of Springfield
  • Illinois Lowest Point: Confluence of Mississippi and Ohio Rivers ; 279 feet, 32nd lowest
  • Illinois Museums:
    • Chicago History Museum (Chicago)
    • Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (Chicago)
    • Museum of the Grand Prairie (Mahomet)
  • State Parks: Illinois State Parks
  • Illinois Agriculture: Corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, dairy products, wheat.
  • Illinois Industry: Machinery, food processing, electric equipment, chemical products, printing and publishing, fabricated metal products, transportation equipment, petroleum, coal.
  • Illinois has a climate that varies widely throughout the year.
  • Illinois features several golf courses such as Olympia
  • Fields, Medinah, Midlothian, Cog Hill and Conway Farms, which have often hosted the BMW Championship, Western Open and Women's Western Open.
  • The city of Rockford, Illinois' third largest city and center of the state's fourth largest metropolitan area, sits along Interstates 39 and 90 some 75 miles (121 km) northwest of Chicago.

illinois vehicle insurance - Details - cheap car insurance illinois

  • Getting the best and cheap car insurance quotes is really important. In illinois, you're legally required to have the car insurance coverage at the levels listed in the chart below.
  • Once you're familiar with the basics, take a look at the common coverage levels of Allstate® policyholders in illinois. Many car insurance companies are competiting.
  • It's a great way to get a sense of cheap liability auto insurance and the vehicle insurance rates depends on the vehicle insured.
  • Your agent can help you understand the different full coverage car insurance types and you can collect car insurance quotes available in your state.
  • Then you can decide cheap car insurance and also insurance agent to be preferred or not what limits and deductibles best fit your needs. As your life changes, your vehicle insurance rates should, too.
  • Your agent will be there to discuss your options and help you find ways to save on your premium.
  • Allstate also provides you with helpful information so you can better understand car insurance and car insurance quotes can be taken online and rest easy knowing you're protected.

Illinois Minimum Liability for car insurance - cheap car insurance illinois

  • Bodily Injury
    • $20k per person
    • $40k per accident
  • Property Damage
    • $15k per accident
  • The minimum recommended auto insurance or car insurance coverage for Illinois is ,
    • $25,000 for bodily injury and
    • $50,000 per accident.
  • This average is slightly lower than the minimum recommended auto insurance or car insurance coverage of
    • $50,000 for bodily injury and
    • $100,000 per accident.
  • This ratio, which is known as 50/100 coverage, is the total amount recommended by experts as a standard minimum coverage. The above figures, however, represent only the bare minimum, and the standard recommendation is to get as much coverage as you can afford.
  • Recommended policy coverage - cheap car insurance illinois

  • For optimum coverage, experts are advising a policy with 100/300 coverage
    • $100,000 for bodily injury and
    • $300,000 per accident
  • is strongly recommended, not only in Illinois, but also nationwide.

    Below are the illinois car insurance coverage and requirement - cheap car insurance illinois

    Common Terms in car insurance quotes - cheap car insurance illinois

  • Below are some of the terms for travel insurance and travelers insurance in cheap car insurance illinois for illinois vehicle insurance
    • car insurance Adjuster - The person from your car insurance companies who investigates and evaluates your damage and losses.
    • insurance agent - An individual or organization licensed to sell and service insurance policies for an auto insurance companies.
    • insurance broker - Fee Agreement - The contract between you and your broker. It lists the fees for your broker's services
    • insurance Cancellation - When you or your insurance company ends your policy early. They might do this because you did not pay your premium. You might cancel your policy because you are no longer own or drive a car.
    • insurance claim - Your request to an insurance companies to cover an accident or other loss.
    • full coverage car insurance - Pays for damage to your car caused by physical contact with another vehicle or an object, such as a tree, rock, guardrail, building, or person. insurance coverage makes you to get the loss of your property
    • Commission - The fee that an insurance company pays an agent or broker when they sell a policy
    • Comprehensive coverage - Pays for damage to your car caused by something other than a collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, flood, falling objects, etc.
    • Deductible - The amount of the loss that you must pay before your insurance company pays anything. Only comprehensive and collision coverage have deductibles.
    • Gap coverage - This pays the difference between the fair market value of your new car and the balance you owe on your loan or lease.
    • Insured - The person who can receive covered benefits in case of an accident or loss. Also called the policyholder.Addition to the "car insurance" the policyholder will be advised to take "life insurance" too.
    • car insurance companies - Insurer - The company that issues your insurance. compare car insurance to look for the "cheap insurance" companies. auto insurance companies will provide you the auto insurance quotes to you. If you feel it's a "best auto insurance" company go ahead with them.
    • Liability coverage - car insurance that helps pay for the injuries and damage to others from accidents that are not your fault. affordable insurance and comprehensive car insurance are key factors you need to check for the getting insurance.
    • Surcharge - An extra charge that is added to the premium by an insurance company. This usually happens because a covered driver has had an accident or moving violation that is their fault.
    • Subrogation - When one insurance company pays money on a claim, and then tries to get paid back or reimbursed by another insurance company
    • Declarations page - Usually the first page of an insurance policy. It lists the full legal name of your insurance company, the amount and types of coverage, the deductibles, and the vehicle(s) insured.

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