What is MapR’s strategy on Apache Flink ?

Answer : MapR’s techniques on, all the new big data eco-system projects…
  • MapR’s techniques on, all the new big data eco-system projects is maybe parallel.
  • MapR’s support new initiatives in a variety of ways to mentoring, code contributions, community development and others and then closely listen to customers to determine which projects are gaining traction.
  • During this time, MapR’s work with customers who have paid support to help them run new projects on their systems and work out kinks.
  • If a project gains serious momentum, then at some point MapR’s consider moving it into the full support category.
  • Full support required a considerable burden of testing and QA, so that isn’t a choice made lightly.
  • Spark is a great example of a project that has gone through this evolution from experimentation to production use and full support.
  • In the case of Flink, MapR’s have been working with many of the contributors for years, even before Flink was Flink and was still a part of the Stratosphere project.
What is Mapr Strategy on Apache Flink
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