Server Hacking - Backtracking Algorithm

Backtracking Algorithm

  • Backtracking is algorithm for searching all solutions to computational problems, satisfaction problem, that creates candidates to the solutions.
  • Backtracking is considered an important technique to solve constraint satisfaction issues and puzzles.

General method:

    • Useful technique for optimizing search under some constraints.
    • Express the desired solution as an n-tuple (x1, . , xn) where each xi ∈ Si , Si being a finite set
    • The solution is based on finding one or more vectors that maximize, minimize, or satisfy a criterion function P(x1, . . . , xn)
    • Sorting of a[n] - Find an n-tuple where the element xi is the index of ith smallest element in a Criterion function is given by a[xi ] ≤ a[xi+1] for 1 ≤ i < n Set Si is a finite set of integers in the range [1,n]
    Backtrack Algorithm

    Backtracking Algorithm

    General Algorithm:

    Pick a starting point.
    While (Problem is not solved)
    For each path from the starting point.
    Check if selected path is safe, 
    If yes select it
     Make recursive call to rest of the problem
    If recursive calls returns true, then return true.
    Else undo the current move and return false.
    End For
    If none of the move works out, return false, NO SOLUTON.

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