Server Hacking - What are the types of web server ?

Types of web server :

    Web servers are five types. They are follows

    • Apache HTTP Server
    • Internet Information Services
    • Lighttpd
    • Sun Java System Web Server
    • Jigsaw Server

    Apache HTTP Server:

      • Apache web server is open source software, it can be work on almost all operating systems.

      Internet Information Services:

        • The Internet Information Server is a high performance Web Server from Microsoft.


          • The lighttpd, pronounced lighty is also a free web server that is distributed with the FreeBSD operating system.

          Sun Java System Web Server:

            • This web server from Sun Microsystems is suitable for medium and large websites.

            Jigsaw Server

              • It is open source and free and can run on different platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac OS X Free BSD etc.
               Types of  web server

              Types of web server

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