Server Hacking - System Implementation

System Implementation

  • Implementation is the most crucial stage in achieving a successful system and giving the user’s confidence that the new system is workable and effective.
  • Implementation of a modified application to replace an existing one. This type of conversation is relatively easy to handle, provide there are no major changes in the system.
  • Each program is tested individually at the time of development using the data and has verified that this program linked together in the way specified in the programs specification, the computer system and its environment is tested to the satisfaction of the user.
  • The system that has been developed is accepted and proved to be satisfactory for the user. And so the system is going to be implemented very soon.
  • A simple operating procedure is included so that the user can understand the different functions clearly and quickly.
  • Initially as a first step the executable form of the application is to be created and loaded in the common server machine which is accessible to all the user and the server is to be connected to a network.
  • The final stage is to document the entire system which provides components and the operating procedures of the system.

Scope for Future Development

  • Every application has its own merits and demerits. The project has covered almost all the requirements.
  • Further requirements and improvements can easily be done since the coding is mainly structured or modular in nature.
  • Changing the existing modules or adding new modules can append improvements.
  • Further enhancements can be made to the application, so that the web site functions very attractive and useful manner than the present one.

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