Server Hacking - System Design

System Design

  • Design is multi-step process that focuses on data structure software architecture, procedural details, (algorithms etc.) and interface between modules.
  • The design process also translates the requirements into the presentation of software that can be accessed for quality before coding begins.
  • Computer software design changes continuously as new methods; better analysis and broader understanding evolved.
  • Software Design is at relatively early stage in its revolution.
  • Therefore, Software Design methodology lacks the depth, flexibility and quantitative nature that are normally associated with more classical engineering disciplines.
  • However techniques for software designs do exist, criteria for design qualities are available and design notation can be applied.

Input Design

  • Input design is the process of converting user-originated inputs to a computer-based format.
  • Input design is one of the most expensive phases of the operation of computerized system and is often the major problem of a system.

Output Design

  • Output design generally refers to the results and information that are generated by the system for many end-users; output is the main reason for developing the system and the basis on which they evaluate the usefulness of the application.
  • In any system, the output design determines the input to be given to the application.

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