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What is MathML ?

 What is Mathml

What is Mathml

  • MathML tags are similar to HTML tags. HTML tags are wont to define headings and paragraphs, within the same manner MathML uses them to explain the varied parts of a mathematical expression.
  • MathML stands for Mathematical terminology. It's an application of XML for describing mathematical notations and capturing both its structure and content.
  • It's mainly used to integrate the mathematical formulae into World Wide Web pages .
  • MathML, it's possible to place mathematical and scientific content on the online.

Note : Most of the MathML tags aren't supported by all browsers except the newest version of firefox. So, you've got the newest version of Mozilla Firefox browser.

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Simple Example of MathML

To write down a quadratic on the web page, you want to need to use MathMl.

For Example : To write down the equation on the web page: x2 + 3x + 2 =0

Sample Code

        <msup> <mi>x</mi> <mn>2</mn> </msup> <mo>+</mo>  


 What is Mathml2

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