Wordpress Delete Categories

Wordpress Delete Categories

  • Delete Category action deletes the Category.
  • Delete is available as a Bulk Action and an Immediate Action.

Note: Deleting a category does not delete the posts in that Category, but the posts that were assigned to the deleted Category are assigned to the Default Category.

Following are the simple steps to delete categories in WordPress.

 WordPress Delete Category

Learn WordPress - WordPress tutorial - WordPress Delete Category - WordPress examples - WordPress programs

  1. Delete WIKITECHY E-LEARNING. When the cursor hovers on the Categories, then a few options will be displayed below the Category name. To delete Click on Delete in Categories section.

Delete Action

 How to Delete Categories in WordPress

Learn WordPress - WordPress tutorial - How to Delete Categories in WordPress - WordPress examples - WordPress programs

  1. Click on the delete button.
  2. After clicking, we will get a pop message asking for confirmation for deleting the particular category as shown above.
  • Click on OK button and delete the category permanently.
  • If on Clicking on Cancel button then the category will not be deleted.

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