Wordpress Your Profile

Wordpress Your Profile

  • The Users -Your Profile Screen is accessible from both the main navigation menu under Users.
  • Here we can specify our name and how it will be displayed on our site, our e-mail address (for administrative purposes), other personal information, and personal options.
  • There are five pieces of information associated with each Your Profile :
    • Personal Option
    • Name
      • Username
      • Role
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Nickname
      • Display name publicly
    • Contact info
      • Email
      • Website
    • About the user
    • Account Management
      • New Password
      • Session

Following are the simple steps to add your profile in WordPress.

 Your Profile

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Your Profile - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. Click on Users->Your Profile from the left navigation bar.
  • Following are the details of the fields on Your Profile shown below :
 Fields Of Your Profile

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Fields Of Your Profile - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. Visual editor : While adding posts/pages to our site we can enable this setting.
  2. Admin color scheme : This keeps the color of our WordPress site by selecting any of the following.
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts : We can enable the keyboard shortcuts by clicking the check box.
  4. Toolbar : Check on this box we can view toolbar when we are using WordPress.

Name :


Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Username - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. Username : We cannot edit our Username because it is used as our Username during the login process. Even an Administrator cannot change our Username. Usually, no one else ever needs to see our Username.
  2. First name : Enter your first name in this text box.
  3. Last name : Enter your last name in this text box.
  4. Nickname : Enter the nickname as it is a required for every user. It may be the same as our User Name or it can be different. Don’t supply a Nickname, then the User Name will be placed in this field.
  5. Display name publicly as : Select, from the drop-down, how our name is cited on your blog. This defaults to our first and last name.

Contact Info :

Contact Info

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Contact Info - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. E-mail: All users are required to list an e-mail address in their respective Profiles. The E-mail address must be unique for each user.
  2. Website: Here we can enter the website address.

About Yourself :

 User Profile

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - User Profile - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. Biographical Info : This section defines some information about the users.
  2. Profile Photo : Here we can upload image from your computer. This would be our profile picture.

Account Management :

 Account Management

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Account Management - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. New password: Enter a password we want to keep.
  2. Sessions : The session defines the login and logout of the user in terms of the time duration untill which it was active.
  3. Update Profile : After filling all these information, click the button to update the information.

Procedure to Add New User :

 Add New User

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Add New User - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  1. After clicking on Update Profile, message will be displayed as Profile Updated as shown above.

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