Wordpress Widgets

Wordpress Widgets :

  • Widgets are small blocks that perform specific functions. These give design and special structure control to the WordPress theme.
  • They help you to add content and features.
  • They can be easily dragged and dropped anywhere in widget area.
  • Widgets vary according to theme. They are not same for every theme.
 Appearance Widget

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  1. Click on Appearance --> Widgets to open widget screen. When you click on this you get a page with widgets.

Available Widgets :

 Avaiable Widgets

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Avaiable Widgets - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  • You can use these to add into your sidebar main.

Widget Area :

 Widget Area

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Widget Area - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

  • Widget Area is a part of a WordPress theme structure where Widgets can be added.
  • Widget area is normally in right side of main content area.
  • It can be created in header area of website,in footer area of website or in the middle of posts.
  • In Widget you can choose the options what you need.
  • Widget areas also referred as Sidebars.

Inactive Widgets :

 Inactive Widgets

Learn wordpress - wordpress tutorial - Inactive Widgets - wordpress examples - wordpress programs

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