Wordpress User Roles

Wordpress User Roles

  • Every user has its own role in Wordpress.
  • Roles are like permissions given to a particular user to access the WordPress site.
  • These roles can be allotted only by the Admin.
  • There are few roles that are used in WordPress:
    • Administrator
    • Editor
    • Author
    • Contributor
    • Subscriber
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  1. List of the user roles.
  2. Administrator - Administrator has all the rights. An Admin can do anything and everything in the Wordpress site , create more admins , invite more users and can also remove them.
  3. Editor - The Editor has access to all the posts , pages , comments , categories , tags and links. They can create , publish , edit or delete any posts or pages.
  4. Author - Author can only write posts , upload pictures , edit and publish their own posts.
  5. Contributor - Contributor can only write and edit their posts until published. They can create their own posts and pages but cannot publish them. They cannot upload images or files but can see the site's status. When they want to publish any post, it must be first notified personally to the administrator by the contributor to review. When the post is approved the contributor cannot make any changes once published.
  6. Subscriber - The subscriber user role has very limited capabilities.They can create and maintain their profile on a WordPress website, but they cannot write or publish articles.The subscriber role allows users to login to a WordPress website and leave comments without having to enter their details every time. This role is useful for people who frequently read a blog and are actively commenting. It can make leaving comments on a blog much easier and faster. The subscriber role can also be used to deliver additional content to users such as newsletter or access to the pages and posts that would otherwise be locked.

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