What is the difference between calibration and validation ?

Answer : Calibration is a process that ensures that accuracy…
Calibration Validation
Calibration is a process that ensures that accuracy
is maintained in the measurements produced
by your equipment.
Validation is a documented process that provides assurance
that a product, service or system consistently provides results within the acceptable criteria.
Calibration performance of any equipment is compared
against a reference standard.
There are no reference standards used in validation.
Calibration assures accuracy of measurements. Validation provides proof of consistency across all the processes, batches of products or methods being used.
You must periodically calibrate your instruments.
Identify if there is a ‘drift’ in the measurements and eliminate
it through calibration.
There are no such requirements for validation. It should be performed when you make any change in the existing system or when the revalidation period has reached.
It should be performed as per calibration SOP. It should be performed as per the validation protocol.


Calibration and Validation of Models


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