LBS Full Form Weight | Full Form of LBS in Weight

i) LBS Full Form - Location Based Service

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 Location Based Service

Location Based Service

  • LBS may be a software used through mobile devices accounting device's geographical location.
  • It uses device's GPS system to locate an individual's location.
  • When a user opts in for services, service provider tracks the situation of the user itself with none manual entry.
  • It's variety of uses in social networking sites. LBS have a spread of use like entertainment, education, personal life, etc.
  • For ex, a people can enquire about the closest hospital from the respective location.
  • Locating Methods:
    • Control Panel Locating - Find an edge with the help of control panel based on radio wave delay of the closest cell-phone tower.
    • GSM Locating - Finding location with the help of GSM built-in mobile phones.
    • Self-reported Location - In this , an individual has got to undergo a map and locate himself on the map. It had been low cost method and now commonly referred to as check-in.


  • Emergency : A user can dial-up the respective emergency number and his location are going to be automatically traced. It are often used in the cases where user can't reveal his location due to some problem.
  • Navigation : During this, user's mobile location are often traced.
  • Social media : In social media, user have an option of check-in, through which they will share their location with their social media contacts.
  • Mobile location based gaming : In games like city secrets and my town, a player has got to sign up with their location.

ii) LBS Full Form - Pound-Mass or Pound

  Pound Mass or Pound

Pound Mass or Pound

  • LBS has been derived from a Roman word Libra, it's represented by 'lb' or 'lbs'. it's a world term wont to define weight or mass of an object.
  • Pound may be a Latin word sense 'a pound by weight'.
  • United States and countries of commonwealth have agreed on the term pound and yard.

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