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XEN Full Form

 Software architecture

Software architecture

  • XEN may be a type-1 virtual machine, providing services that allow multiple computer operating systems to execute on similar computer hardware concurrently. It had been originally developed by the university of Cambridge computer laboratory and is now being developed by the Linux foundation with support from Intel.
  • The XEN project community develops and maintains XEN project as free and open-source software, subject to the wants of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

Software architecture

  • XEN project runs in a more privileged CPU state than the other software on the machine.
  • Responsibilities of the hypervisor include memory management and CPU scheduling of all virtual machines ("domains"), and for launching the foremost privileged domain ("dom0") - the sole virtual machine which by default has direct access to hardware.
  • From the dom0 the hypervisor is managed and unprivileged domains (“DOMU”) are launched.
  • The dom0 domain is usually a version of Linux or BSD. User domains may either be traditional operating systems, like Microsoft windows under which privileged instructions are provided by hardware virtualization instructions (if the host processor supports x86 virtualization, e.g., Intel VT-x and AMD-v), or paravirtualized OS whereby the operating system is aware that it's running inside a virtual machine, then makes hypercalls directly, instead of issuing privileged instructions.


  • XEN originated as a search project at the University of Cambridge led by Ian Pratt, a senior lecturer within the computer laboratory, and his PhD student keir Fraser. The primary public release of XEN was made in 2003, with v1.0 following in 2004.
  • Soon after, Pratt and Fraser alongside other Cambridge alumni including Simon Crosby and founding CEO Nick Gault created xensource inc. To turn XEN into a competitive enterprise product.
  • To support embedded systems like Smartphone/ iot with relatively scarce hardware computing resources, the secure XEN arm architecture on an arm CPU was exhibited at XEN summit on April 17, 2007 held in IBM TJ Watson.
  • The first public release of secure XEN arm ASCII text file was made at XEN summit on Midsummer Day, 2008 by sang-bum suh, a Cambridge alumnus, in Samsung electronics.
  • On October 22, 2007, Citrix systems completed its acquisition of XENSOURCE, and therefore the XEN project moved to the xen.org domain. This move had started a while previously, and made public the existence of the XEN project planning board (XEN AB), which had members from citrix , IBM , Intel , Hewlett-Packard, novel, red hat, sun Microsystems and oracle.
  • The XEN planning board advises the XEN project leader and is liable for the XEN trademark, which Citrix has freely licensed to all or any vendors and projects that implement the XEN hypervisor. Citrix also used the XEN brand itself for a few proprietary products unrelated to XEN, including XENAPP and XENDESKTOP.

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