WWE Full Form | Full Form of WWE

WWE Full Form - World Wrestling Entertainment

 World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment

  • WWE Full Form or WWE Stands for World Wrestling Entertainment.
  • Basically, WWE is American Entertainment Company founded by Vince McMahon in 1980.
  • WWE works on an entire script writing, suspense and entertaining fights.

Top PPV (Pay Per Views) Of WWE ?

  • What is PPV (Pay per Views): Basically, Pay per views is special events of WWE. These events are supported past storylines.
  • These are four hottest and Expensive Pay per Views of WWE.
  • These Pay per Views comes in every season (in every 3 months).
    • Wrestle Mania
    • Summer Slam
    • Royal Rumble
    • Survivor Series
  • Now, these are other popular Pay per views. These PPV comes in monthly.
    • 1Extreme Rules
    • Money within the Bank
    • WWE Super Showdown
    • Elimination Chamber
    • WWE Backlash
    • WWE TBA.

List Of WWE Shows - Roasters

  • WWE Raw - Since 1993
  • WWE Smackdown - Since 1999
  • WWE Main Event - Since 2012
  • WWE NXT - Since 2010
  • WWE Superstars - 2009-2016
  • WWE Velocity - 2002-2006
  • WWE 205 Live - since 2016
  • WWE Heat - 1998-2008

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WWE Producers and CEO

  • CEO of WWE = Vince McMahon
  • Executive vice chairman = Triple H
  • Here are a number of the highest Producers of WWE.
    • Vince McMahon
    • Linda McMahon
    • Pat Patterson
    • Jeff Jarrett
    • Johnny Ace
    • Steve Corino
    • Jamie Nobel
    • Michael Seitz
    • Adam Pearce
    • Sylvain Grenier
    • Tyson Kidd
    • Abyss

Top Pais Wrestlers in WWE (2019-20)

  • Brock Lesnar (10m $)
  • Roman Reigns (5m $)
  • Randy Ortan (4.1m $)
  • Seth Rollins (4.0m $)
  • Triple H (3.3m $)
  • Becky Lynch (3.1m $)
  • Goldberg (3m $)
  • Convert there Net Worth in your Currency like INR, Euro from here.

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