PFA Full Form | Full Form of PFA

i) PFA Full Form - Please Find Attachment

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 Please Find Attachment

Please Find Attachment

  • PFA is an online slang which stands for Please Find Attachment.
  • This word is used in email when an person attach an image, a PDF file or anything with the e-mail.
  • It's used to signify that an attachment is added with this email, please check this out.

ii) PFA Full Form - Predictive Failure Analysis

 Predictive Failure Analysis

Predictive Failure Analysis

  • Predictive Failure Analysis may be a computer mechanism that's used to predict future failures of hardware components and proactively use a mechanism to avoid them.
  • It had been originally used a proprietary IBM technology for monitoring future failure of hard disk drives.


  • PFA is introduced in 1992 by IBM. This technology is relied on measuring several keys parameter of the drive units.

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