What are the disadvantages of DBMS ?

High Cost

  • Disadvantage of DBMS is its high cost of software and hardware.
  • For users to use a DBMS they require a high speed processor and huge memory size and also need costly machines to maintain database.
  • Highly trained database administrator is needed for using and maintaining the large database systems.

Huge Size

  • In the initial stage the size of the database is not big, but when user stores a large amount of data it causes many problems.
  • Due to the heavy data, dbms donot provide good results and donot run efficiently.

Database Failure

  • In a DBMS system all the data or information is stored in one centralized data base. If this database fails, the data is lost.


  • For a non technical user, DBMS is so complex. So it is not easy to manage and maintain the database.
  • Training is need for users, designers and administrators to efficiently run the database systems.

Increased Staff Cost

  • To maintain and manage the database skilled staffs are required. So lot of money needs to be spent for the skilled staffs to be trained.

Requirement of Technical Staff

  • A non technical person does not understand the complexity of the database.
  • Skilled person with good skills is needed for managing and maintaining the database.

Cost of Data Conversion

  • The biggest disadvantage of DBMS is cost of conversion is very high.
  • There is a need for skilled, trained and experienced database administrators for conversion of data smoothly.


  • Another biggest disadvantage of database systems is speed of the database for small firms and organizations is very slow.
  • Hence the performance of database in these organizations is poor.

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