What is a difference between terradata SQL and Hive QL ?

Answer : Sql is a database however hive is not a database

Terradata SQL Vs Hive QL

  • Sql is a database however hive is not a database.
  • Sql is used for OLTP hive is used for OLAP.
  • Sql is used for insert updates and deletes however hive is efficient for batch processing.
Name Hive Teradata
Description Data warehouse software for querying
and managing large distributed datasets,
built on Hadoop
DBMS mainly used for data warehousing
Developer Apache Software Foundation Teradata
Initial release 2012 1979
Server operating systems All OS with a Java VM Linux
APIs and other access methods JDBC,ODBC,Thrift .NET Client API, JDBC, JMS Adapter,
Server-side scripts Yes Yes
Concurrency Yes Yes
User concepts Access rights for users, groups and roles Fine grained access rights according to SQL-standard
License Open source Commercial
terradata sql
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