What is a test severity and test priority ? Difference between them with suitable examples ?

Answer : Severity of a defect is related to…

Test Severity

  • Usually the severity is defined in terms of financial loss, damage to environment, company’s reputation and loss of life.
  • Bug/Defect severity can be defined as the impact of the bug on customer’s business.
  • It can be Critical, Major or Minor. In simple words, how much effect will be there on the system because of a particular defect.
Test Priority Vs Severity

Test Priority Vs Severity

Test Priority

  • Priority of a defect is related to how quickly a bug should be fixed and deployed to live servers.
  • Defect priority is defined as how soon the defect should be fixed. It gives the order in which a defect should be resolved.
  • Developers decide which defect they should take up next based on the priority. It can be High, Medium or Low.
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