What is Grid system ?

  • It is a structure comprising a series of vertical and horizontal lines which intersect and used to arrange content.
  • Is a way of providing a system that designers can work with the structure and imagery in a much more readable and present content, manageable way.
  • In print publication Grid systems have long been used, but with their introduction into designing for the web and the many, many CSS grid frameworks which have since.
  • It is one way to achieve a level of consistency that would be otherwise extremely difficult to master and to portray in your designs by using Grid system.
  • Consistency and uniformity are the key to creating a website that your users will find easy to navigate, read and understand.
  • It helps you to do that by providing a solid base that you can grow your design from.
  • In this grid system, there are four types:
    • Manuscript grid
    • Column grid
    • Modular grid
    • Baseline grid

Manuscript grid

  • In a page, this is a one-column grid which simply determines that where the text will sit.
  • Manuscript grids are utilized in e-books, pdf, documents and display with uncountable text.

Column grid

  • It is used for magazines to set content in columns, it makes easier to browse.
  • This is the most widely recognized kind of grid utilized by web designers and graphic.

Modular grid

  • However, it additionally has rows, A modular grid is similar to a column grid.
  • Modular grid separates a page both horizontally and vertically into modules.

Baseline grid

  • It is a dense and heavy grid of equally spaced horizontal lines that determine where the text will sit.
  • are often used in combination with column grids, to make sure that the lines of text in each column align uniformly across a spread.
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